Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hello again! Thank-you so much Paige for the comment! Since it was my first. I want to write what I remember from our church bullitin. paraphrase: It's strange how boring one chapter of thw Bible is yet how we can't put down a popular book. It's strange how 20 dollars seem so much when we give it to the church but how little it is when we go shopping. It's strange how we can't think of a word to say in prayer, yet how easy it is to spread gossip. It's strange, isn't it? I'll get the whole text next time. It was a thought provoker. As I read it, the word GUILTY ran through my haed. And even though it convicted me, it shed light on the things I need to change. So the saying is true: "No pain, no gain!"


Major LOL
aka:Strawberry Shortcake


~ Renée ~ said...

Hello Paige, To put the mark above my name, I hold down the ALT key while pressing 0+2+3+3. =é There are different combinations for lots of foreign symbols. I don't know where to find a directory of them--a friend figure it out for me. Thanks for your comments on my blog!

Arkanblogger Family said...

Thank you very much Renée. I am glad that I can actually type it now :)

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