Sunday, February 05, 2006

A (very) Late Post

Hello everyone! It's late so I have to make it short. As you know today was the Super Bowl. Well, I am not a fan of football because personally I don't see much of a point in it and don't understand it well. But occasionally I do cheer for the Broncos since we lived in Denver.
Today we started out with the Souper Bowl. That's what our Church does every Super Bowl Sunday. We try and have each member of the congregation bring a can of soup or a dollar and we donate it to our local Ministries food pantry. This year we had the best turnout ever. Over four-thousand cans and dollars. We then went as a group and took the food to the food pantry at the ministry and unloaded and sorted it, for which the ministry was very grateful.
Later today we headed over to our friends house and gathered together with other home-educators to watch the Super Bowl. Or at least that was what was planned. The only people actually watching the game were the Dad's. Including mine, which is different since he usually doesn't watch football. But tonight he actually watched the whole game. He called it "male bonding". I ended up having great fellowship playing games and talking with all of the other people who didn't watch the game either.
When we got home I called my Grandfather and we talked for awhile. Grandmother talked for a bit too. I can't wait until December when we get to go skiing with them. I heard there is snow on the ground there. It hasn't been very cold here lately. Just last week if the grass had been green we could have played golf. I really love Montana. The mountains are so beautiful. I could live without all the cold though.
This is where I will end tonight. It is a lot more than I planned on writing. But then again, that is how it usually turns out. Once again I find myself so thankful. For all of the families we spent time together with, my Grandparents, my family, and so much more. It would take a very long post to list all of the things I am thankful for. God has blessed my family and I so wonderful. Have a lovely Monday! I will try and get my next post up sooner and apologize for the wait.

-Paige :)

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