Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Tuesday Night In Memphis

As the title suggests, I am in Memphis (for the 2nd night in a row), it is Tuesday evening and I am ready to get back home tomorrow night. Spent all of the morning traveling south to Fulton, MS with a counterpart of mine and it was some kind of hot outside. Did I tell you it was hot? If you're ever in that part of the world, I recommend Comer's Family Restaurant, where they offer homecooked "country style" food that's meant to fill you up and that it did. It's the kind of place where you can actually eat lunch every day and not get tired of the menu. Come to think of it, I've eaten there 4 times now and have never seen a menu. I always opt for the "special" of the day. Today it was Pork Tenderloin (2 large pieces), a large helping of black eyed peas, new potatoes, covered with white gravy, a hunk of white onion on the side, cornbread, salad from the bar and peach cobbler. Our customers that we took to lunch, spend their noon hour there 5 days a week and if I lived anywhere close by, I'd be tempted to do the same. If that's not a testimony to great food and service, I don't know what is. If you've passed through Tupelo, headed south on Hwy. 78, take the exit for Highway 178 at Mantachie. They're at #1733 on the left side of the road. The nice lady at the cash register told me that she was originally from northwestern Oklahoma...the town of Buffalo, if memory serves. We struck up a conversation because I knew of the little town and had actually traveled through there a few times when I covered the state of Oklahoma in a previous job. I don't remember her name, but she was very kind. When you stop in, aske for the lady from Buffalo and say "hi" to her for me and whatever else you do, be sure and order the sweet tea with your meal. If you make the mistake of choosing the unsweet, they'll think you're a Yankee, no matter how slow you talk. But despite that, chances are, they'll probably treat you good and let you eat there anyway. Did I mention that it was hot there today?

p.s. for those of you that know me and are picking your chins up off the floor and mumbling "hypocrite", after reading that I consumed pork, when I am adamantly against it (per Leviticus), I claim the scriptures of not wanting do something to cause my brothers to stumble, when they don't understand. I don't see these folks that often and for them to take me to this place for a meal is akin to them inviting me into their home. So, I thought it better not to offend than to cause them possible misundertanding...for now. I may be wrong there, but if so, it's on me. Plus, I didn't know what "tenderloin" was and assumed it was some kind of chicken or beef patty. For supper, it was soup, salad and unsweet tea at Jason's Deli. Shalom.

-The Arkanblogger

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Patrick said...

It's okay, Mr. Arkanblogger. We do, afterall, live in the age of grace.

;) LOL