Thursday, December 14, 2006

When Worlds Collide...Or Do They?

Of late, I'm wondering why people of the Christian faith don't (for the most part) seem to look upon and discuss "religious" matters and situations in life, just as they would any other matter. I think we've gotten confused/brainwashed into thinking that there is this "church" life that exists whenever we are in the confines of the "church" building and then there is "the world" that exists outside of that. And from that logic, we think that there are two sets of truths that exist. Isn't that double mindedness?

That mentality reminds me of folks that claim to have a "work life" and a separate "home life". These people are compelled to act one way at work and then make a 180 degree turn upon leaving their place of employment. Sort of a Jekyll and Hyde syndrome, as it were.

It's all one life. There is no separation between work, family, "church", here and there. We should be the same wherever we are and no matter who we're with.

After all, faith isn't something that's manifested only when one is in the "church" building. It is only a building after all. It's not the temple. The church is the body of believers or those who profess God and make an effort to live according to the standards set forth in God's word/laws, while recognizing and accepting the gift of God's grace through Christ. In other words, they strive to be obedient to God, rather that their own sole desires.

When we are walking the path of truth, we should be able to discuss how to get a particular stain our of our clothes, using the same reason and logic, based on the same truth, law and good principle that we would use when discussing any biblical matter. I submit that, to abandon truth on any issue (all of which belongs to God) is to abandon sound reason and ultimately God.

In summation, "biblical" truth should be congruent with all other truth. If not, then we have a fly in the ointment that needs to be plucked out. More later.

-The Arkanblogger

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Ryan said...

Hey Mr A,

Perhaps another aspect of the fault Christians have in resigning their faith to a single day of the week in mindset and in what they think and speak upon is that too often Christians view God as simply being another facet of their 'busy' lives rather than the Source of life around which all else revolves. Just a thought anyways. I enjoyed the post. Definitely exposed some blind spots that I had. Merry Christmas!