Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I Missed the Sign

Have you ever taken a wrong turn, then had to re-trace your steps because you didn't follow a sign? Well, I experienced this on the slopes as we were skiing down the mountain. It started just fine smooth. Nobody was falling, there was no snow falling, and it was a beautiful day. Until we went straight, instead of right. I was with Marie, Elizabeth and Emma Joy. As we were skiing, we all of a sudden came to a hill. But not just any hill, we were looking almost straight down. We had come to the black diamond hill properly named "Northern Lights" (perhaps this is what you see as you are going down?) Now I am not a professional skier, and I was not about to even attempt to ski down this thing. None of us were. So we took off our skis, put them on our shoulders, and hiked up the hill from whence we came. I guess you could call it our one adventure (that is what I kept on saying to everyone as we were hiking up). Marie and I made it to the top first, so I decided to take some video to have as a memory of our wrong turn. It really was not funny at the moment, but we can all laugh at it now. More pictures are coming soon (when I get them all sorted out...)


Paige ;)


Emma said...

Hehe, Yeah that was the worst Skiiing i did on that trip. Elizabeth can tell you that i quote "Will never ski Agian. I hate Skiing." Well i skiied again and i still love it. Also Paige, WE missed the sign. It wasn't very noiticalbe.

Your truly
Emma, Joy or AJB

Lemon said...

Awwww.....seems like it would've been a lot easier to sit down and slide down the one hill then walk all the way back up. Of course that's probably a lot easier on a snowboard....o well, welcome back!


pixelplayground said...

Happy New Year to you too.

Emily said...

Wish I saw that sign.

Love, Emily

Mad Scientist said...

Glad I've relocated the Arkanblog! still have found memories of ski trip. hope to see you all again soon.

Uncle Mad