Friday, January 13, 2006

Birthdays and Friends

Today was a tiring but great day. It was our good friend's 16th birthday party. Her family is military, so her party was on base and after a bit of asking officers questions, we made it on. At the gathering, there were people from our home-education support group and a few people I had never met before. I always enjoy meeting people who share our common beliefs about family, among other things. One thing I really love about our friend's family is how close they are as a unit. They had extended family there helping to get everything ready and celebrate with them. Just being around them all, you can tell how much they love and support each other. I am so blessed to have friends like that in my life. Two major benefits of having friends like that is that you can build each other spiritually and have more people to hold you accountable. That is about all for tonight.


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