Sunday, January 15, 2006

Evening Reflections

I love my family. It's 10:46 in the evening and the lights are out in our home. As I sit, typing this on my laptop, I can hear my older 2 girls talking quietly in their bedroom, which I actually encouraged them to do tonight. I am so thankful that they are close. They do share a room, as do our younger 2 daughters, so personal space is limited. However, Kathryn and I were convicted earlier in life to have them grow to support each other and not fall into the traps of jealousy and "sibiling rivalry" that so many siblings do. I have told them many times that their friendship and support would help to carry them through the rest of their lives, as long as they nurtured it. And we are so thankful that they have and continue to do exactly that, with the older ones setting the example for the younger 3. Our home is so full of blessings and our Father continues to amaze me daily, pouring out His love on our family. At times, I am overwhelmed by His grace, though I do not understand it and I certainly do not deserve what He has layed before me. I pray that my words don't seem small, pitiful and redundant and I give Him the glory and praise, for they are most certainly His.

-The Arkanblogger

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