Monday, January 16, 2006

Internet Without a Leash and How to Get Control of Your Television

Sitting here, I was just struck by the notion that I have been posting on a pink blog site, that was chosen to help frame and reflect the thoughts coming from Kathryn and our daughters. As I write this, I've made the decision to make this little site a bit more "family-centric", where we can all contribute as a family (Dad and Christopher have some thoughts to share as well), so expect a name change on the page soon and though we're outnumbered by three, Christopher and I will respectfully suggest that we make a subtle move away from the color of pink to a nice traditional camouflage. When you wish, wish big.

After many months of pleading and positioning from my dear wife and children, I finally did the unthinkable tonight, by purchasing a wireless router and cards for the home pc and laptop. As it was, unless I was home with my work laptop, they were without internet access, unless they submitted to using dialup, as our "homeputers" have no DSL ports. So, after the purchase was made, our good friend, Justin offered to come and do the set-up, during which time he had the unique experience of talking with a tech support fellow that was...well, let's just say that he was not from America and I'll bet you an ear of corn that the name Bob or Bill isn't anywhere in his family tree. After some painful conversation regarding password resets and the like, we were finally set free from the tethers of cables and ports. Thanks Justin! Janice and the girls will serve dinner and your favorite dessert at your convenience.

Speaking of cable, we are about to quit television, as we know it. About 3 years ago, we called to fire the cable company and go back to "rabbit ears". Upon hearing us give the order to flip the big switch, the cable folks let us know that they had a "basic" package that would run only $11.00 a month. We caved in and took the deal, if only to have a clear picture of the news and weather. Well, the time has come to say goodbye to the cable folks for good. There is a company on the internet called "Cleanflicks" that edits the "questionable content" from movies and according to the aforementioned Justin's parents, "Cleanflicks" does a masterful job. I only wish they could edit out all the propaganda as well. But that would make for some pretty short movies right? We'll try refocusing that $11.00 a month on a few movies and give it a whirl. Expect a firsthand report from one of us, after the first movie or two.

Well, it is late and all's quiet now. Kathryn, along with the bedtime brigade are fast asleep. The rain is gently pitter-pattering on the bedroom window, as it does only in the South. Somehow, rain loses it gentleness above the Mason-Dixon line. I have to gig all our northern friends and family whenever I get the opportunity.

It's so peaceful to sit here in the darkness and reflect on the day. I'm thankful to our Father for times such as these and now, it is time for me to join the sleepy troops.

-The Arkanblogger


~ Renée ~ said...

That's neat that you will be doing the blog all together. I like how all your posts so far have had a distinct emphasis on "family". Do mind if I link to your site from my blog? maybe after it has reached its final color...

Arkanblogger Family said...

We'd be delighted if you linked to us from your site Renee. We trust that you all are getting settled in after the move. Our relatives said they enjoyed being with your family. Take Care.