Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Dog Must Be Dead

The dog must be lying dead in his bed downstairs as I type this, since it was predicted this evening that he would die before I, Kathryn, posted something on this blog. And since it is my Husband's fondest wish that the dog not be with us here on the earth anymore, here I go. If you're wondering who I am, I'm the Mother of the 5 young Arkanbloggers and the wife of The Arkanblogger. I'm also headmistress of our homeschool, a piano teacher, and after the past few days of flu, root canals and bronchitis I might be Florence Nightingale re-incarnated. Things always happen to our family when an ice storm makes it's way to our city. This last weekend, it was the above mentioned ailments. The last ice storm, which happened over the Christmas 2004 holiday, Mr. Arkanblogger got an infection that caused his throat to swell so much his airway was restricted. As it got worse, and realizing that an ambulance would probably not make it to our house if I called, I got a doctor from a local emergency room on the phone, explained the problem, and was told to give him 1/4 cup of benadryl and keep him upright, since people have died from this problem. Have you ever given anyone a 1/4 cup of Benadryl, then asked them to stay awake, much less upright? It was an interesting night, let me tell you.

But on a joyful note, our dear friends who had been waiting to adopt an infant brought a precious baby girl home last Thursday. She is an answer to many prayers. We've seen pictures of her but not the real thing yet, since we don't know what wonderful ailments we might be harboring that we could pass on to her, so we are waiting impatiently for good health before we go and visit the beautiful gift from God. Besides the fact that her new protective Daddy, knowing our health status, wouldn't let us get within a city block of her. It reminds me of some video we have when our oldest, Caitlin was born. Family was visiting us in the hospital the night after she was born, and my dear protective husband made all of them put on a hospital gown and rub disinfecting foam all over any exposed skin on their body that might come in contact with his new little princess. They all patiently complied with his request for the privilege of holding the first grandchild born on his side of the family, at least while he was taping them. Who knows what they said when they left the hospital room. I imagine they wondered if hospital gowns and disinfectant were going to be standard procedure and then, for how long.

The real reason I haven't posted is mainly the speed and frequency with which my everyday life happens. I'm sure with practice I'll become more proficient and prolific with my postings, and much quicker too, so bear with me. I feel pretty inadequate after visiting some other home school mom's blogs, and realize what alot of catching up I have to do. Right now, bed is calling loudly, so until next time............God Bless.


Daren said...

Way to go Supermom. Sorry to hear about Buddy. Keep holding things together. If I can ever catch you'r other half in I'll see you, but I don't get off the prairie very often. Tell hin to e-mail me Kent's e-mail address. God bless. Daren

Mom of the Artist said...
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Mom of the Artist said...

Hello to my daughter's favorite piano teacher ever! I figured out that our blog was unsearchable so I fixed it so now you can type in the title I gave you last night and it will show up. I hear you have a busy few days ahead of you. Have fun!

Artists MOM