Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Little Help From Our Friends

Ok, Mrs. Arkanblogger is wondering why no comments have been made to her one and only post, which only took place at the threat of Buddy the Wonderdog's untimely demise. I told her that there was a possibility that she was un-inspiring. Then I saw that there were no comments on my last 2 posts. "Hello pot, it's the kettle calling". We know that we don't have much of a following yet but we need some encouragement here...Somebody throw us a bone!

You all that read us and don't have a username and password, go to and get one. There is no fee, you do not have to give your real name, you don't have to set up a blog, and a government employee, sporting a medium grey polyester suit and dark sunglasses won't come knocking on your door because of it. Well, we hope they won't anyway.

A little conversation please?

-The Arkanblogger



Go to this site. You gotta read this.

Bryce said...

Don't worry, your readers haven't abandoned you! We just enjoy being undercover readers just like the government agent with a gray suit and dark sunglasses. The photos were nice to see.


P.S. You would probably get more comments if you opened it to allow non-blogger members to comment.