Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Position Statement With High Purpose

It's a rare thing to be asked why we decided to take the road of Home Education with our children. Most folks just politely nod their head and respond with, "that's interesting". Many have responded by asking the age old question, "how are your children socialized?"

I recently came across an article by Gregg Harris, who probably needs no introduction with many of the home school crowd but for those not familiar, he and his wife are considered pioneers in the home education movement as it is known today. The following article, written by Mr. Harris, expresses one of the strongest position statements on the merits of home educating one's children, that I have ever heard or read. For me, as a father, whose choice and privilege it is to home school, it is quite inspiring and I thank our Father in Heaven for men such as Mr. Harris. Would that all fathers be so focused on the raising of their children through the inspiration of our God through Christ Jesus. In this regard, Mr. Harris practices what he preaches. To read and enjoy the article click on this link:

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