Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Guitar ;)

That's it. An Ovation model CK047-5F Celebrity with a built in tuner and amplifier plug. Compliments of Grandfather. (Thank you very very very very much Grandfather!) It's story is an interesting one too. Here, let me tell it to you.

I was first introduced to the Ovation Guitars by my cousin Justin. He knows a lot about guitars and said this kind was good. I was particularly fond of the rounded back on the guitar. So I started looking. I was with my Mom and little brother out to get piano books for one of my Moms students and had not planned on finding a guitar. So we went inside and Christopher and I went one way while my Mom went to the books. First we looked at the Red Piano. It was beautiful. A player baby-grand piano that you could play on too. Not to mention that it could also record and came with two remote controls. And the price for this piano was...60,000 dollars. That's just the baby. You can pay and extra 40,000 to get the real grand piano. Since we already have a wonderful baby-grand, and Christopher wanted to look elsewhere, we left the piano room and headed to the acoustic instrument room.

As we walked in the door I saw it hanging there. On a tree of Ovation guitars was this one. Black and sparkling. It was perfect. The salesman came in and we talked for awhile, I played it some, then I liked it even more. The salesman said that it was a last years guitar, so the price was a lot lower than it was normally. An interesting thing happened after the salesman left the room to get a correct price on the guitar. A tall man with a tan cowboy hat walked in and picked up a guitar. He played three songs for Christopher and I. One of them sounded like a song that a cowboy would sing by the campfire under the stars. A nice experience. After he left Christopher plucked a banjo (a whole other story) then I went and found my Mom. She came and looked at the guitar then talked to the salesman. He set the guitar aside for us and then we left. We called my other cousin who also knows a lot about guitar and said we were getting a great deal. The salesman said we could have the guitar with new strings and a hard shell case for a low price. And the guitar is good quality too. I called Grandfather and told him.

The next day I got to go pick it up. I was so exited! My Mom, Christopher, Elizabeth, Grace, Caitlin, and I all went into the music store to get it. Mom talked to the same salesman about home-education. He seemed to think that home-educators do not get to socialize very much. I would beg to differ. I think the kind of socializing he was referring to was a kind that we can live without. That is also something for another post though. Since I got the guitar I have not wanted to put it down. My fingers get sore every now and then. I also learned some new things. Like how to hold the guitar, that the F major chord is very painful, and that I should learn palm muting. Or I think that's what it it called. I want to continue to learn more chords and songs. It does help that I already learned the piano. I am so blessed to have a guitar. Elizabeth and Grace have been playing a bit on it too. Who knows, maybe we'll all learn.

Well, that is my story about how I got the guitar. Thank you SO much Grandfather! I will try and post tomorrow. Now I have to go journal then get to sleep. I will try and post something tomorrow.

Paige :)


Mad Scientist said...

Nice guitar! I can't wait to hear you play it. I am a "new" visitor to your blog and enjoyed reading it. I tried to start my own blog but don't know if I succeeded. Might need the help of my nieces:) If I get it going I'll send you site address. Hope to see you soon.

Mad Scientist said...


I just double checked my blog and it worked! Whew...I was starting to think this was going to be another instance where my Ph D has robbed me of common sense:)...anyway, here is my blog for what it is worth, maybe half a cent.

I'll post your site on my site if you want. Have a great day.

Arkanblogger Family said...

Thank you! You did get your blog started just fine from what I saw. I am looking foward to reading your blog posts. I like the layout :) I 'll comment more later. Thank you for commenting!

-Paige :)

~ Renée ~ said...

Hi everyone, I am another one of the "who are all of you reading this blog?" from a previous post. But you probably knew that already.

That's neat that snow made it's appearance in your neck of the woods! Your post was very humorous, Bruce! Where we just moved to is in a milder belt, and since we moved, we haven't received any of the snow that your grandparents have:-(

What a beautiful guitar, Paige! Will you take lessons? I am really enjoying my harp. It will be so much fun to play our instruments together in December. I don't have many musicians around here to play with, so I am looking forward to the occasion.

Have a great day!

Arkanblogger Family said...

Yes, it will be lots of fun playing together. I do have a lot of practicing to do though :) I am really looking foward to hearing you play your harp.

Paige :)