Friday, February 17, 2006

A Root Canal

"Second door on the left", I heard her say
As I entered the building
The tiny room was brightly lit
And decorated with a sterile touch
Leaving a large white chair to sit all alone
Though it looked comfortable enough,
Even reclining at a nice sleepy angle
I placed my hand on the narrow armrest,
Slowly easing myself down into a restful position

Once settled in, I looked up
And noticed that, directly in front of me,
hanging on the wall, was an unusual painting
I patiently took notice of the details in the artist’s rendering of
A window in twilight
The panes of glass were bathed in soft shade,
Reminding me of the half-light of a late summer evening

As I closed my eyes
My hearing became heightened
And I was bathed in silence,
But for a soft word or two of counsel in the background
Then the intrusion began

The event was well calculated, swiftly executed
And was carried out by a team of two,
Whom I saw out of the corners of my eyes
Their faces were covered with masks,
Obviously to hide their identities
I overheard one calling out precise direction in a pleasant voice,
With the other following the commands in quiet obedience

The leader began to display odd motions of picking, tugging and drilling
"the right tool for the right job", I heard one say
Instruction continued to be given and received in short intervals

Taking all this in,
I took pause and swallowed hard
As a feeling of helplessness swept over me

My mind raced
My pulse quickened
My feet shifted back and forth,
Rubbing against each other in nervousness,
Causing my shoelaces to come untied

I heard hushed conversation,
Of measurements in small fractions and irrigation
Wanting desperately to speak but unable,
I wondered to myself,
What was this dastardly plot?
I wrung my hands in silence,
In an attempt to keep them warm
And tried not to be noticed

Time was passing in stop motion,
As I tried to distance myself from the activity around me
Then…it stopped

The only noise was that of quiet admonition
And the slight ringing in my ears

Taking notice that I was alone, I rose up in a quick
And moved quietly down a long narrow hallway,
Pausing only briefly to pay homage and deliver my toll to the gatekeeper

Finally, I put my hand on the doorknob and turned the handle
To make my escape
And a voice from behind me said,
"We'll see you again on Monday the 6th at 9:00"

-The Arkanblogger

(This little effort was inspired by today's visit to Dr. Wendell Thompson's office and his valiant and successful effort to save my molar from extinction. I highly recommend he and his excellent staff.)


Kayleigh said...

Wow! That was so cool. You really have a talent for writing! I love to write...poetry mainly. It's so wonderful!

Arkanblogger Family said...

Hi Kayleigh-thanks for the kind comment. Since the compliments are flying, I think you're quite the artist and I really appreciate your helping the girls out with the background last week. They were really in a pinch. And thanks to you and your mom for coming to the play. I'm still working on the Phantom thing in Dallas. Keep you posted.

-The Arkanblogger

Kayleigh said...

Oh your welcome! I love to paint so it was no promblem. It turned out so cool since we all pitched in to finish it. Team work! Me and my mom are really excited about the play! It's gona be cool. Well see you soon,