Tuesday, June 13, 2006

We are busy...Really we are.

Some of you have asked if we've stopped blogging altogether. The answer is, as evidenced by this little post..."NO". We have had family in from Montana, homeschool graduation ceremony and talent show, friends moving back from San Antonio, our oldest daughter's 18th birthday, state homeschool convention, my regular travels, 3 piano recitals (2 were held in our home for Mrs. Arkanblogger's students), a college graduation for a cousin and a mishap with our home laptop that requires us to replace the LCD screen (OUCH!). So, blogtime is limited to my laptop until that last item is taken care of.

We have so many things to write about and we'll continue. Bear with us.

I forgot to mention that we had a great visit with my wife's cousin and her husband, along with their 8 wonderful children. They've started a new blog. We'll be linking to it as soon as I can get Paige to set it up for me.

-The Arkanblogger

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The Pilgrims' Epistle said...

Hey Arkanblogger Family,
Great to see you back in blog land. Thanks for the inspiration of a family blog as this replaces several individual blogs that were best said "goodbye" to. Hope to keep up alot closer with you guys now. Cindy