Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How are you?

I'm doing lovely, and if you like you can answer my question up there. A couple of things are happening down here, I had the joy of turning 18 years old last month on the 10th and am now the first child in our household who can officially vote, with my parent's permission of course;) Paige and I finally went and took the written exam to get our driving permits. Our father has already had experiences driving with each of us, in which he's usually telling Paige to "Stay in your lane!'' and myself to "Stay away from the curb!" but really my father is a good driving teacher, and I am thankful to have him as mine (especially since he's very good at reaching across the car to grab the wheel when I veer towards a pretty brick mailbox on my right;) . Paige and I are also house-sitting for some dear friends of ours who are on a 16 day excursion to Alaska. Oh, to be there with them, the air is so thick here you could spoon it up and serve it for dinner, pre-cooked! The house we are watching includes a dog on it's list of responsibilities . But not just any dog, this dog is the great and mighty Aslan. Who just happens to be about a foot tall, and looks like a fox crossed with a lion that was hit with a shrink ray. It is actually a very pleasing affect, and he is one of the best dogs I have ever known (by the way, I believe he's really a Pomeranian but I love dramatic descriptions) . Well, it is getting late so I must say farewell.

May the Lord bless and keep you,

Caitlin :~)


Patrick said...

I'm doing quite well. Thank you for asking. Happy 18th birthday!

I got my driver's license about a month-and-a-half ago, but I've had my permit since I was fourteen. It might be different for you, but the first year of learning how to drive was quite scary for me- especially the first time getting on the highway. It gets much easier and less scary as you get used to it. By the way, when you take your driving exam to get your license, come take it in Cabot if you're feeling nervous. The written exam here is 95% common sense, and the actual test consists of driving around the block, never going any faster than 20mph. It's rather pathetic, to tell the truth.

Have fun looking after Aslan!

In Christ,

P.S.- Are you and your sisters going on the tour to Texas? It sounds like a lot of fun.

Arkanblogger Family said...

Thank you Patrick. I find driving quite terrifying, and my little jaunts have been nothing compared to the highway! I am definitly going to look into that Cabot test.
And yes, we are going on choir trip and are extremely excited about it! Are you going?

See you Monday,


Patrick said...

My brother and I are most definitely going. We've been to Six Flags Over Texas before, and wouldn't miss the chance to go again. Singing will be fun, too. Have you recieved a CD with our Festival performance on it yet? It's incredible.

In Christ,

Arkanblogger Family said...

I personally have a few other oppinions about the cd. It is good, but to the musical ear...well, it's good. Not great. Still lovely to listen to. Choir trip is going to be swell! (swell was used for lack of other words to describe that aren't overused in my vocabluary) I can't wait!

Paige ;)

Patrick said...

I think that it's the best they could do in the recording environment. A big, canvernous, "echo-y" church isn't the ideal place to capture voices. I messed around for a while with the settings on my stereo, and that made it much better.

Kayleigh said...

Awwww, Aslan...I love the little fur ball! Oh and congrats on the your piano! "Paige" emailed us about it. Thats wonderful!

See you sometime!


P.S. Oh and I think my coment works on my blog! I am so happy!