Friday, August 11, 2006


First of all, Happy Birthday to H. Paige "Arkanblogger", our 2nd eldest daughter. Born 17 years ago today in a hospital in south Oklahoma City, Oooooooooooooklahoma, where the wind goes sweepin' cross the plains", or however it goes. Dr. Pablo Pinzon was the attending physician. I remember his gentle encouragement to Mrs. Arkanblogger in his native accent...puuuuuuuuuuush pushpushpushpushpush! Moments later...Paige appeared. Tonight, She, Caitlin and three of their friends are on the way (courtesy of Mrs. Arkanblogger) to a Princess Party at Wingfield Castle, where unbeknownst to Paige, a cake will be presented to her, which her sisters and Andrea (in the blue dress and red hair) prepared in secret. The picture was taken moments before their departure. I'll take the Arkanblogger family chariot and retrieve them later tonight. Happy Birthday H.P.T.!!!

In the picture...left to right...Paige, "the twins" Jennifer & April, Andrea and Caitlin...The Princesses.


Kayleigh said...

Aww, they all look so beautiful! Happy Birthday to Paige!!! :)

The Pilgrims' Epistle said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Paige.... Happy birthday to you!!!

There, I had to sing it since I didn't call you and sing it. :)

Hope you had a great birthday. We are starting school tomorrow. So now if we get together it'll have to been nights or weekends. :(

Anyway, happy birthday!


Bryce said...

Sorry this is so late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Bryce said...

And I just found out that this is the BIG day for the senior Arkanblogger! Happy Birthday Bruce!

Arkanblogger Family said...

Thank you! More posts are coming soon. Sorry for the absence.

Paige :)

Arkanblogger Family said...

Bryce-thanks for the well wishes! It was a happy birthday indeed.

Emma said...

Happy Birthday Paige! Hope to see you in december,