Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's Finally Here!!!

After several weeks of waiting, the little guy finally got his new bed. The guys at "Poggy's Kids" made it to have 6 drawers under both sides for plenty of storage. This should take him on for several years and allow us to free up some much needed space in his little bedroom.

Other goings on around the house...a little new furniture for the older girls, kitchen almost complete, older girls' closet repainted and reworked, patio poured w/ongoing saga, windows being rescreened. Things yet to be done...both upstairs baths to be repainted with new faucets to go in master bath and a little sod here and there in the yard. I'm leaving some things off. Too many to list really. We're just trying to enjoy the journey. More Later.

-The Arkanblogger

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Patrick said...

Man, I would've loved to have a bed like that when I was his age!