Friday, October 13, 2006

Have the Australians Got it Right?

I recently received an email from a friend that I found quite interesting. It contained a link to a site that debugs rumors to see if they are true or not. I had no clue this existed until now. The rumor that she sent me was true. The link will be posted below. I think that the Australians are on to something...But that is just me. Is what they are doing Biblical? What do you think? I will do a further post on this later. For now, tell me what you think.

Please bear with me as I review my sources a few more times. Thank you very much!

Paige ;)


Patrick said...

You know,Paige, you're really bad about saying that you're going to give a link, and then not doing so. ;)

Jonathan M said...

Debug rumors? I'd be really interested in knowing how...:-D

Arkanblogger Family said...

I put it up at first, but I felt that I should check my source more. The site is in case you were wondering. I would like to know how they do it too. The whole idea of it all is something worth researching though. I am working on a post to tell more. It should be up later today or tomorrow.


Oh, have you read us before Jonathan? Thanks for the comment :)