Friday, November 03, 2006

Look Below this post for Film Festival pics! (This one is "The End is Near???")

The head Arkanblogger posted a short paragraph on the rapture awhile ago. Since there were no comments and it was so short, I wanted to furthur this discussion.

Have you ever seen on of those people standing on the side of the road holding a sign that says something like "Be Prepared, the end is near"? Or "Repent, the end is coming"? A message much like the one that Jon the Baptist gave in Matthew? Well, it occured to me that the message on the sign might just be the best advice we can find on that other than the Bible. If you disregard the "end is near" part, that is. The Rapture is becoming one of the biggest topics in the world of Christianity. I don't think I'll ever forget pulling up to Mardels and seeing a big poster advertising the latest rapture book. As I skimmed it over I stopped at the date. Guess when it was scheduled to come out? 6/6/06. I know people who pour over rapture books, love the "Left Behind" series, etc. I have one question, where does it say some people will be left behind? If it is there, please tell me. I seem to have missed it. Back to the message on the see, I don't really know how our Savior will return, when, or the circumstances. I do know that He will come like a theif in the night. Not on the date that a "rapture countdown clock"is set to. Or perhaps by chance He might. I really don't know. But as long as I am living my life in a way that is pleasing to my Lord and Savior, it really doesn't matter. He may come today, tomorrow, or long after I am gone. But I will be focusing on here and now, and living a life that is glorifying the Lord. It doesn't matter to me in the long run how He comes. Just as long as does.

Paige :)


Phinehas said...

Well then Paige, make sure tour busy living right and serving God right now, because I have several christian friends that swear, afeter doing all 'logical' research, that Christ is coming again in 2007! Like the thought on living your life as if Christ is coming back any moment. Also, the 'Left Behind' series are based on a man's take of the book of Revelation, yet many take it as fact and visualize what they read in Revelation only within the realms of what they read in the novels. Mankind is never going to 'crack the code' of Revelation, so rather than spending life trying to predict the Lord's return, we should, as you said, simply live our life to the fullest for God.

Arkanblogger Family said...

Wow, in 2007. Should I mark it on my calendar then? I wouldn't swear on anything like that, if I was them. I know about Revelations and Left Behind. I know that some people view Revelations as a historical book, rather then a prophesy. I find it quite interesting. I agree with you on the fact the man probably won't ever figure out the exact thing that Revelations is about. Perhaps to show the glory and power of God? I don't know. Thank you for the comment, Phinehas.


Arkanblogger Family said...

Amen sister dear! I don't think I'll ever forget that sign either. We must have needed a good laugh that day, plus, it was coming out only 4 days away from my b-day! I like what our old preacher said about how he would go to bed each evening and tell himself, "He could come back tomorrow." And then he would make sure he was living as if He was. Keep up the good writing.


Kayleigh said...

I agree with you. I think he will come on his own time, not anything we could expect. The only thing we can do is to make sure we are living for him, and ony him. If we do, we will have nothing to worry about.


abby said...

Hello Paige! Thank you for dropping by my blog and commenting. :) I love comments. I have been on your blog before and have enjoyed reading what was posted.

In Him,