Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Film Festival 2006 (yes, it's finally here)

After much frustration (uploading photos, writing numbers of photos, etc) we are finally posting about the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. These are 18 of the around 200 photos taken. Enjoy!
This photo was taken the morning we left just before we pulled out of the drive way. We later stopped before we were even out of Little Rock to get Marie's phone. (long story) You can't see, but we filled the trunk to about 6'' below the brim I don't know what happened to the text here... Below we did a commentary by us Arkanblogger sisters. I will try and get Emma Joy and Marie's on here soon. (If you are reading it, could you please send them to me?)

Caitlin says: Oh what a beautiful mornin'!
Paige says: Lovely.
Elizabeth says: I love penguins.
Grace says: It's freezing!

Welcome to The Gristmill! The chicken fried steak was wonderful, and the mashed potato's were fit to die for. We are all a bit blue, being as it was rather chilly. We must mention the scrumptious strawberry shortcake. Mmm.
Caitlin says: The food was wonderful! (you guys, remember your manners!)
Paige says: Brrrrr.
Elizabeth says: I want my jacket back!
Grace says: No way.
This is the cabin where we stayed. The inside was very nice. And most certainly big enough. Oh, we were on the right hand side of it. When we got there, we all thought that we were barging in to someones home.
Caitlin says: It does look like a barn, doesn't it?
Paige says: The Christmas lights were so pretty at night!
Elizabeth says: I loved the kitchen.
Grace says: Howdy y'all!

We took a break after our first session for some Tazo tea and planning. We were all still a little sleepy after the rush that morning to leave on time. We were an hour away from the convention center. Yes, comfort does sometimes require sacrifice.
Caitlin says: Ahh...the sweet taste of intellectual stimulation in the morning!
Paige says: I think I was looking for "The Oath" times...
Elizabeth says: Oh what a loverly morning!
Grace says:Hey, I took this one!

Caitlin says: Oh dear!
Paige says: I don't see anything wrong with this picture.
Elizabeth says: I'm not even in this picture!
Grace says: I took this one too!

A lovely picture of the program, featuring the logo of the film festival. Such memories that are awakened! We might have taken a picture of something a little bigger though...
Caitlin says: How inspiring.
Paige says: I kept mine. (it has autographs and markings)
Elizabeth says: You have no idea what this means to me!
Grace says: Thank you Caitlin, I took it.

This is the Dugger family playing the their violins. I don't think that is all of them though. Seeing them all up there and hearing them speak was a wonderful experience.
Caitlin says: (undecided)
Paige says: What an inspiring experience!
Elizabeth says: I thought my family was big...
Grace says: It sounded so pleasant.

The River walk was just down there. This was taken on the bridge that goes from one part of the convention center to the next. We got to walk by the water later. It was so pretty!
Caitlin says: The florescent green color of the water was quite lovely.
Paige says: Someone had a wedding on one of those boats!
Elizabeth says: I feel like I am in Italy.
Grace says: That's one picture I didn't take.

This is our picture with the famous authors of The Rebelution blog. They were there as press members, I believe. It was so wonderful finally meeting them after reading their blog and seeing them online for so long. (If you want more on the festival you can see their blog at
Caitlin says: least you can't see my braces.
Paige says: I don't think the tallest should be in the middle...
Elizabeth says: Hey, some of us are matching!
Grace says: Did I miss something?

Sweet Joy, the lovely Grandma Sue, and me, Paige. This is just before we left for the convention center on the second day. We were thankful that the temperature had finally warmed up, though it doesn't look like it did, being as we are all a bit pale. (we were also wearing walking shoes that day, we had learned our lesson from the day before)
Caitlin says: I see that look in your eye Paige...
Paige says: I's TEXAS.
Elizabeth says: Lovely.
Grace says: What gloomy weather.

I believe that Caitlin took this one. We had just seen a wonderful documentary on biology (where we learned about roots and fungi) and were trying to pick a film to see next. We had to be quick too, our time in between films was very short. I tried to capture the moment on film.
Caitlin says:
Paige says: I should have been looking at the video camera...
Elizabeth says: Decisions, decisions...
Grace says: Hmm...

It's Grace and Joy waving their fake Iraq money for the camera. I believe the money was used as an advertisement. Oh, they are in one of the rooms that were used for showing films. All of them were very nice.
Caitlin says:
Paige says: If only they weren't shaking it...
Grace says: You just wish you knew how much it was :)

This is the upstairs part of one of the buildings that was being used to show films.There is a very interesting mosaic over there along with some people we met. There in the blue dress is cousin Joy.

Here we all are dressed up for the Jubillee Awards. This was the last night of the festival. :( But the award ceremony was wonderful! It was so awesome seeing all of those people dedicating their talents to God, and giving him all the glory.

This is the wonderful moment when "The Oath" won the Jubilee Award. (YAY!!!) Up on the screen is the director/producer, to his right is his wife (who acted brother to the man on the directors left) I hope you got that. If you get the chance to see this film I HIGHLY suggest it. Oh, this film also got the audience choice award. (it was wonderful!) I think I'll stop now before Caitlin stops me...
There you have Grandma Sue, Caitlin, Marie, and other random hands cheering for one of the films. I don't think it is "The Oath" though, we would be standing up (at least I was) All of the films deserved applause for sure.
On the forbidden staircase (thank you Grandfather...). This is the last picture that was taken after the award ceremony. Grandfather found the best staircase (which just happened to be roped off) and took our picture there. I believe our moods are reflected through our faces. Our last memory of the festival. Parting was so sad! But we do have next year to look forward to :)

I will try and get the rest of the comments up there if possible. Sorry about the short report. There you have it, a pictorial review of the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. We hope that you enjoyed it!
Caitlin, Paige, Elizabeth, and Grace.


Phinehas said...

After all this's finally up for everyone to view! Wow, I had forgotten how much fun the Film Fest was. Very nice post, it was worth the wait.

Bryce said...

Thanks for the report!

Arkanblogger Family said...

Thank you for the comments. It took longer than I thought it would.


Emma said...

Yes, i loved the pictures. Although remember when you said we wore walking shoes? i wore dress shoes! I'm burning then when i get the chance. i love how Catlin,you,elizabeth and grace all commented on the pictures. Tell Everyone hi and tell Grace that i loved all her pictures!

Emma said...

Ah! in the picture with the twins i look like a paper cut out!

Arkanblogger Family said...

You look much prettier than a paper cut out Emma!


Kayleigh said...

Wow, you guys must of had a wonderful time! I enjoyed the pictures. :)