Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year From...Omaha

Yes, Omaha, NE...or Council Bluffs, Iowa, depending on which side of the river that you're on. We left Rapid City SD this morning at 8:00 and got into some nasty winter weather or road conditions, as it were. Finally inched our way into town a couple of hours ago. Got the last room at our hotel too. We'll start again in the morning.

My computer crashed in Montana, so the vids that we have to post will be done when we return. Hope you like them. Our trip was a blast. We enjoyed and were blessed to witness and even get to help set up and cater (that was a riot) the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of Mrs. A's parents and got to see, visit and even stay (thanks Roger and Ann for your hospitality!) many of our Montana friends as well, along with snowskiing for 5 days and enjoying the hot springs at Fairmont. We were treated to lots of great food, hot off of the "Green Egg", singing, fiddle, harp and piano playing and even did some dancing...the Montana Waltz and the Virginia Reel. Lots of fun. Did I mention that ALL the little Arkanbloggers learned to ski with the girls following in their mother's graceful ways and Christopher was pronounced a "Hot Dog" on ski's. Also, we recommend the chocolate chip cookies at the cafeteria at Discovery Ski Lodge. There's so much more to come...

Happy New Year To You All and We Wish You God's Blessings In 2007!!!


simple said...

Can't wait to see the video of Mrs. A skiing!

Bryce said...

Happy New Year! It was a blessed to see ya'll again.