Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Round One of the Photos from our Trip

Here are some of the pictures from our trip. These particular ones are from the night of the party. It was my Grandparents 50th anniversary. There were many other pictures taken, but here are some of them. There is one pictures that is not from the party that I will explain. Oh, due to loading issues, they are in no particular order. Hmmm.

This picture is behind the house where we stayed before heading to the cabins. Christopher was quite overwhelmed by its size.

This is Renee playing her beautiful harp. It sounded so lovely!

Here is the whole group playing Pachelbels Canon together. Caitlin is at the piano, our cousin on the violin, and Renee on the harp.

Here is the head chef and chief dishwasher, (both of them my uncles). They did a ton of work trying to get ready for this, as you can see.

This is our wonderful Grandma Caroline. We were at the house at that moment and most of us were busy making the food for the next day.

Oh, the cake was so pretty! Mother Arkanblogger made it.

This is the piano that Grandfather rented for all of us to play on. The touch was so nice!

Mmm...that chocolate fountain was good! There was not much food left by the end of the night.

Here is some more of the wonderful food that was made by the amazing chefs. Thank you so much!

The very creative presentation of the delicious smoked salmon, courtesy of Grandfather and Uncle Dean.

Our dear cousin playing the piano. She did so good!

Observation of the chocolate fountain.

Here are some people talking. Grandfather is among them on the far right.

Here are some more people talking. The one on the left is Bryce, and I am not sure about the one on the right...

More great fellowship going on here.

Here I am with Ms. Anne. It was so wonderful to see them again!

Mr. Roger, Ms. Laura, and Renee. We had such a great time!

Here is the band that played. Our cousin is the one with the fiddle. All of the music was wonderful.

That is round one of the pictures. There are some more to come along with a few videos and posts. Until then, Happy New Year!

Paige and Caitlin


Bryce said...

Wonderful photos--thanks for sharing! I was going to post some, but now I am thinking of just linking over to you. :)

Paige said...

Thank you. I think you might have gotten more pictures then we did. Most of the ones that I took were on my Grandfathers camera. Oh, that was so much fun!


Mom of the Artist said...

Wow! Ms Arkanblogger is so talented! The cake is beautiful. Maybe we need to sign up for cake decorating classes next. Maybe we can work out a trade off, "The Artist" can give art classes. :o) It looks like you guys had a wonderful time.