Sunday, July 09, 2006


Salutations all! I hope you have been having a blessed Summer. So far mine has been quite well. Oh, here's something I didn't know, "salutations" is actually French for "greetings". I had hoped for something I hadn't ever heard of when I went in search of a new greeting. At least it is not Spanish. Ugh. For those of you who don't know, Spanish is one of my least favorite languages. I have had two teachers, both of them tried to get me to roll my "rr"s. I have never been able to. Even after a certain exercise where we had to put pencils in our mouths and bite down. Therefore since I do not possess that certain skill, I shall never be able to really speak spanish. Even the teacher said so. I can do the French "r" though. But alas, I am in for another year of Spanish. Maybe I could learn them both...

These past few days have been lovely. I got to go to lunch with some of my dear friends from choir and church. They are such sweet young ladies and such a blessing to be around. I love spending time with them. I look foward to getting to spend a week with them on choir tour. More on that later. On Friday morning I was part of a car wash. The purpose being to raise money for the choir tour. My first job which lasted most of the time I was there was holding a sigh by the turn in to the car wash. I did a lot of waving and jumping up and down. If the people were nice they would wave and honk. Then there were those who changed lanes once they saw us. It was a fun job if you ignored the sun beating down on you or brought sunscreen. My second and not so fun job was cleaning up what the car washers missed. Which mostly consisted of bug mush on the front of the cars. The outcome was good. I gained a few more freckles (they come and go) and no sunburn! (that took some work) The last event was another one of my dear friends birthday. She turned 16. Happy Birthday sister! Caitlin and I got to spend time with her family having a wonderful time. The best part was when she opened the door to her room to find Caitlin and I there to surprise her. She screamed rather loudly and nearly through her book at Caitlin. Oh what I would have given to have a camera at that moment ;)

This post has turned out much longer and unstructured than I planned. Please forgive my messiness. I will try and post on things of more substance in the future. I hope that you all have a blessed Monday and rest of the week. The Lord has truly blessed me. Now I must go and see to the "mighty" Aslan.

Paige ;)

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